Figures in Millions of dollars.

Paul Wong
Sobieski stuck in “”The Glass House<br><br>Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

1. Hardball ($8.1) C”mon, people, we can do better than this. Just come to my place and watch a DVD.

2. The Others ($5.1) Yeah, British period pieces usually do real well. We”re hurting

3. The Glass House ($4.4) Easier to see the feces running down the walls.

4. The Musketeer ($3.51) Where”s Oliver Platt when you need him?

5. Rush Hour 2 ($3.5) Wait, you mean East really meets West? Funny!

6. Two Can Play That Game ($3.2) This film is worse than impatago.

7. Rat Race ($2.94) You”ve got to admire a movie like this for staying in the top ten for so long. And hate audiences.

8. Rockstar ($2.93) Get your game on, go home.

9. Jeepers Creepers ($2.8) More fun than hitting your toe with a hammer.

10. American Pie 2 ($2.7) Not funny, but at least it”s unoriginal.

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