Figures in millions of dollars.

Paul Wong
Jeepers Creepers”” star Gina Phillips<br><br>Courtesy of American Zoetrope

1. Hardball ($9.3) God, he just sucks so bad without Bill. Bogus.

2. The Glass House ($5.7) People who live in glass houses shouldn”t pay $7 for a shit-flick.

3. The Musketeer ($5.4) This movie sucked the first 10 times they made it, and Sting, Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart aren”t on the Soundtrack

4. Two Can Play That Game ($4.6) Vengeance. Knowledge.

5. The Others ($4.5) The Other movies on this list blow as hard as this one does.

6. Rush Hour 2 ($4.0) Yeah, $200 million at the Box Office, Jackie should”ve got that for putting up with Chris Tucker.

7. Jeepers Creepers ($3.8) This movie is eating me.

8. American Pie 2 ($3.6) Maybe N*Sync will sign on for the third one. That would be Sweet.

9. Rat Race ($3.5) Sucks ass.

10. Rock Star ($3.3) Big budget. Big Starts. Big suck and blowfest.

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