Figures in millions of dollars.

Paul Wong
Justin (“”Musketeer””) Chambers<br><br>Courtesy of Universal

1. The Musketeer ($10.3) C”mon Tim, you”re an Academy Award nominee. Maybe it”s time to give Quentin a call.

2. Two Can Play at That Game ($7.7) An un-romantic, non-funny comedy. That”s a first.

3. Jeepers Creepers ($6.2) Where”d you get that stupid freakin” plot?

4. Rock Star ($6.02) No twelve inch prosthesis, no big bucks.

5. The Others ($6.0) Nicole Kidman”s best work since “Days of Thunder.”

6. Rush Hour 2 ($5.7) A blue screen? Why, Jackie, why?

7. American Pie 2 ($4.7) A pie, superglue, yeah, we get it. Kill me.

8. Rat Race ($4.4) Sucks ass.

9. The Princess Diaries ($3.4) See “Rat Race.”

10. O ($2.6) If I ever did dream such a movie/Abhor me. Baz Luhrman is rolling over in his grave.

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