Gross in millions of dollars


1. Sin City (28.1) ­— With all the nudity, violence and misogyny, it sounds like the perfect date movie.

2. Beauty Shop (13.5) — You can finally link Queen Latifah to Kevin Bacon.

3. Guess Who (13) — Spencer Tracy must be spinning in his grave.

4. Robots (10) — Ewan McGregor voices a robot. Based on his performance in “Star Wars,” that’s not a stretch.

5. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (8.3) — You just knew this movie was doomed when only the film’s star and Mr. William Shatner returned for the sequel.

6. The Pacifier (5.8) – Did you know this director also did “Bringing Down The House.” Isn’t he a great guy?

7. The Ring Two (5.8) — Maybe in the third one, a laserdisc will start killing people.

8. The Upside of Anger (4) — We have an idea. Why doesn’t Kevin Costner join the minor leagues at this point?

9. Hitch (3) — Have you heard that new Will Smith song that’s on the soundtrack? No joke is needed for that one.

10. Ice Princess (2.3) ­— More painful to watch than the rise and fall of Tara Lipinski.

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