Gross in millions of dollars


1. Robots (36.5) ­— Does Robin Williams play a really hairy robot?

2. The Pacifier (18) — The connection between the title and Vin Diesel: They both involve sucking.

3. Be Cool (10.3) — Know what’s not cool? Mediocre sequels nobody asked for.

4. Hostage (9.8) — Thankfully for Bruce Willis, his worst movie is still “Hudson Hawk.”

5. Hitch (8.7) — Eva Mendes makes for a great actress. And by actress, we mean “eye candy.”

6. Million Dollar Baby (5) – If “Rocky VI” is half as good as this movie, it’ll be a miracle.

7. Diary of a Mad Black Woman (5) — Dear Diary: Today was such a good day. We didn’t have to see this movie.

8. Constantine (3.6) — Gavin Rossdale plays the devil. It makes sense — he did marry Gwen Stefani.

9. Man of the House (1.8) — It’s official: Cedric the Entertainer has been in more bad movies than Ben Stiller.

10. Cursed (1.5) ­— This movie’s credibility would have been seriously upped if they called it “Teen Wolf Three.”

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