Gross in millions of dollars


1. The Pacifier (30.2) ­— So it’s … “Suburban Commando” AND “Mr. Nanny?” Sorry Vin, Hulk Hogan is ten times the actor you are.

2. Be Cool (23.5) — Apparently “Ladder 49” wasn’t another comeback role for John Travolta.

3. Hitch (12.5) — Finally! A romantic comedy that doesn’t end with the lead chasing the girl at the airport.

4. Diary of A Mad Black Woman (12) — Admit it: you didn’t hear of this movie until two weeks ago.

5. Million Dollar Baby (8.5) — Winner of four Oscars, including “Best Movie from 2004 That Wasn’t a Biopic.”

6. Constantine (6) – We’ve all been to hell with Keanu before (i.e. “Sweet November,” “Chain Reaction,” “The Replacements,” etc.)

7. Cursed (3.8) — The title aptly describes the careers of all the actors in this movie.

8. Man of the House (3.5) — Well, at least this one doesn’t have Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Chevy Chase or Norm from “Cheers.”

9. Because of Winn-Dixie (3.4) — You know what they say: Never work with children, animals or Jeff Daniels.

10. The Jacket (2.7) ­— You’ll probably need one to cover your eyes from this crap.

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