Gross in millions of dollars


1. Hide and Seek (21.9) –— It’s official: Robert De Niro only reads his paychecks and not his scripts.

2. Are We There Yet? (16.3) — The only reason Ice Cube scowls is because he’s in crappy movies.

3. Million Dollar Baby (12.2) – What’s with Hilary Swank and all these manly roles?

4. Coach Carter (8) — That kid from “Finding Forester” sure has a knack for playing underprivileged teen basketball players.

5. Meet The Fockers (8) — Well, at least De Niro can say this is better than “Hide and Seek.”

6. The Aviator (7.5) – The ratio of good movies to bad movies Kate Beckinsale has been in is now 5:1

7. Racing Stripes (6.5) — Isn’t it a little too soon for a remake of “Babe?”

8. Sideways (6.3) — Pigs must be flying: Lowell from “Wings” has gotten an Oscar nod.

9. In Good Company (6.2) — Don’t worry Topher. We still love you even if you did a voice in Roberto Benigan’s “Pinnochio.”

10. Assault On Precinct 13 (4.2) –— Don’t quit your day job, Ja Rule. Actually, that would be great.

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