Gross in millions of dollars


1. Coach Carter (29.2) –— Bad move Ashanti — Fiddy Cent is going to mock you in his next single for appearing in this.

2. Meet the Fockers (22.6) — America’s fetish with watching a nebbish Ben Stiller get tortured continues.

3. Racing Stripes (18.5) – It’s nice to see Tim Allen’s daughter from “Joe Somebody” moving on to bigger and better things.

4. In Good Company (7.43) — How Dennis Quaid felt about the guy who used to sell him cocaine.

5. Elektra (5.7) — She should have stayed dead at the end of “Daredevil.”

6. White Noise (14.1) – Michael Keaton didn’t get any EVP messages that this movie was going to suck.

7. The Aviator (6.3) — Gwen Stefani plays the comely, untalented and ditzy Jean Harlow. Genius!

8. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (5.3) — The movie will certainly live up to its title if it becomes a franchise.

9. The Phantom of the Opera (4.6) — Hopefully, “Starlight Express” won’t be the next major movie musical.

10. Fat Albert (3.7) –— Why didn’t they cast Courtney Love as Mushmouth?

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