Gross in millions of dollars


1. National Treasure (17) –— The movie lives up to its title when compared to “Kangaroo Jack.”

2. Christmas with the Kranks (11.1) — Dan Aykroyd must have the world record for co-starring in the most bad movies.

3. The Polar Express (10.7) – Why does a Christmas movie have elves that speak Yiddish? Is there some religious symbolism I’m missing?

4. The Incredibles (9) — The critics are wrong — this movie has been wildly successful because NPR goddess Sarah Vowell is in it.

5. Closer (7.7) — I guarantee this movie would have been No. 1 if they kept the Natalie Portman nude scene in.

6. The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (7.6) – And while we’re still reliving 1999, why don’t we bring back “Blair Witch” parodies.

7. Alexander (4.7) — Oliver Stone must be thrilled that his historical epic will outgross “U-Turn.”

8. Finding Neverland (4.6) — Rumor has it the original title was “Finding Johnny An Oscar.”

9. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2.7) — Get this idea — it’s a sequel of a movie about a girl who obsesses about her weight and love life! I’ve never heard a plotline like that before!

10. Ray (1.8) –— Some biopic … it doesn’t even include the making of the “Uh Huh” Pepsi commercial.

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