Gross in millions of dollars

1. The Incredibles (50.1) — Conservative propaganda from Disney? What’s next, “Nemo 2: Nemo Finds Jesus”?

2. The Polar Express (25.3) — Tom Hanks plays every character; what could possibly go wrong?

3. After the Sunset (11.1) — Selma Hayek wears a lot of bikinis, and I think there’s also something about heist.

4. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (8.6) — Renee Zellweger: the new Oprah.

5. Ray (8.3) — Jamie Foxx’s finest work since “Booty Call.”

6. SAW (6.4) — Slightly better than “Seed of Chucky.”

7. Seed of Chucky (6.0) — Jennifer Tilly finally found someone who can act on her level.

8. The Grudge (5.9) — Jeff Daniels and dead Japanese children equals fun for the whole family. 9. Shall We Dance (3.9) — Or shall we all sign a legally binding document agreeing to never again participate in the making of a motion picture? You decide!

10. Alfie (2.7) — I’ve never cared for Jude Law.

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