Gross in millions of dollars


1. The Grudge (21.8) — Forget the movie, I think Sarah
Michelle Gellar starring in a hit is pretty scary.

2. Ray (20) — People see films about dead blind

3. Saw (18.3) — Danny Glover gives his best performance
since “Gone Fishin’.”

4. Shark Tale (7.5) — In a major stretch, Robert DeNiro
voices a mafia boss – who’s also a shark!

5. Shall We Dance? (6.2) — Um… Shall we not?

6. Friday Night Lights (4) — Starring Tim McGraw and that
kid from “The Famous Jett Jackson.”

7. Ladder 49 (3.2) — Morris Chestnut is finally moving up
the acting ladder. Actually, with this and “Anacondas,”
he’s going down. Way down.

8. Team America: World Police (3) — Seriously folks, Alec
Baldwin really is that wooden.

9. Surviving Christmas (2.4) — Worse than
“Gigli” and that whole Bennifer thing combined.

10. Taxi (2.1) — Jimmy Fallon’s big screen debut
isn’t nearly as embarassing as Ann-Margaret playing his
alcoholic mother. Oh, who am I kidding — it is.

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