Nicole Kidman pregnant. Gossip-mongers make jokes about a Botox-free pregnancy while George Clooney quips, “At least she’s older than 16.”

Amy Winehouse goes blonde, stays crazy.

Mischa Barton arrested over the holidays for drunk driving and marijuana possession, and apparently little sister Hania overdosed on prescription pills during Santa-time, too. Barton family possibly having a worse end of the year than the Spears’. Possibly.

Golden Globes canceled, another consequence (alongside terrible late-night-show-host beards) of the ongoing WGA strike. But the Oscars are still on schedule, said its producer Tuesday – if it can keep back the picketers.

Some man in Texas got a tattoo of Maddox Jolie-Pitt – in color, with tongue sticking out and hair in full-on Mohawk. We’re not sure why, but we think it’s symbolic.

Blind item of the week (via Gatecrasher):

“Which breakout young male star uses – gasp – fake eyelashes to get his trademark gaze? Dammit, Hollywood, stop toying with us!” Everyone – including Jessica Alba in Elle magazine – is saying Zac Efron.

Joaquin Phoenix accepts People’s Choice Award with handwritten signs, claiming he’s “speechless without the writers.” Apparently he can’t spell either: One sign read “I’m Joaqin.”

And let’s not even talk about Britney Spears.

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