Forty years ago this week (February 3rd, 1974)

Bob Dylan performed in Crisler Arena two days after an investigation by The Michigan Daily revealed an Ann Arbor scalping ring was connected to the concert.

Dylan’s tour promoter made a public appeal at the event for fans to help break up the scalping ring. He announced that he would be conducting an investigation of the scalping accusations.

The Daily had previously reported that in a survey of ticket holders in Crisler Arena Section B, not one person had reported buying the tickets through legitimate means.

Twenty-five years ago this week (February 7th, 1989)

Philosophy Prof. Peter Railton proposed that LSA graduation requirements should include a class on race, ethnicity and racism at a monthly LSA faculty meeting. The class, tentatively called University Course 299, would go into effect for all undergraduates entering the University after the fall of 1990.

The course was created by a drafting committee of 20 faculty members from various disciplines. The meeting also created an oversight committee for the course, with membership including seven faculty members and two students.

Ten years ago this week (February 3rd, 2004)

The newly formed student coalition Our Voices Count had their first meeting in response to changes in University sexual assault prevention services.

Those changes included moving the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center’s two designated counselors to full time roles at Counseling and Psychological services and transferring the center’s crisis line to SAFE House, a county provider for sexual assault services.

LSA senior Mia White, the organizer of the meeting, told the Daily one goal of the group was to protest the lack of survivor input in the changes.

“The primary concern is that survivors have not been thought about in these decisions.” White said. “And if they have been, they’ve been completely tossed by the wayside.”

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