Former University President Harlan Hatcher died at the age of 99. Hatcher served as president from 1951 to 1967, overseeing the huge post-war expansion of the University, which saw its student body increase from 17,000 students to 37,000.

He also spearheaded the creation of North Campus, the Flint and Dearborn campuses and the Undergraduate Library,which now bears his name.

Ten years ago…

A letter written to University officials by seven Housing staff members protested the promotion of gay and lesbian lifestyles in residence halls.

The staff members raised complaints about literature that they said promoted homosexuality in East Quad Residence Hall and University contributions to the Lesbian Gay Male Promotion Organization.

March 3, 1988

Ten University students traveled to Washington along with 350 other college students from around the country to protest President Ronald Reagan’s recommended higher education budget.

Despite the fact that Reagan proposed an increase in appropriations for higher education, the students desired an additional $2.5 billion.

The students met with lobbyists and congressional aides to voice their complaints.

March 4, 1981

The Ann Arbor Police Department recovered a dead woman in her ’20s out of the Huron River right near Nichols Arboretum. AAPD could not determine the cause of death, although foul play was not suspected.

March 2, 1972

Six students filed an injunction against the University to stop charging out-of-state tuition to students registered to vote in the state of Michigan.

March 2, 1979

Former President Gerald Ford gave a series of lectures at the University criticizing then-President Jimmy Carter’s foreign and domestic policies.

Ford said Carter needed to be more consistent in his actions when dealing with countries such as Iran and stronger steps needed to be taken to stop soaring inflation.

March 3, 1961

Regent Eugene Power announced the University was looking into revising the school calendar to offer classes all-year round.

Power said spring and summer courses would allow the University to accept more students and enable students to graduate more quickly.

March 2, 1965

LSA faculty passed a resolution calling for controls on college growth for the next four years, including a cap of 3,100 students for freshman classes.

Professors desired a need for more classroom space and faculty as well as reexamining teaching methods.

March 5, 1958

At a Political Issues Club meeting, senior Mary Ellen Carter reported that her League house director forbade her from having black callers visit her.

Although the League Houses followed University regulations that permitted discrimination, Dean of Women Deborah Bacon said the owner of the house possesses the right to impose her own rules.

March 2, 1947

Two University students Bill Hayton and Jane Schact went to Washington to urge the House Veteran Affairs Committee to increase payments for student veterans using the G.I. Bill.

Hayton and Schact sought monthly payments of $100 for single veterans, $125 for married veterans with an extra $10 for each dependent.

March 2, 1941

Charles Edmunds, a medical school professor for 39 years, died of a heart attack. Edmunds was one of the nation’s leading authorities on narcotics.

March 6, 1937

Arthur Miller, a senior who had already won a prize for his play “They Too Arise,” called for the University to build a laboratory theater.

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Jeremy Berkowitz.

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