Feb. 7, 2002

Medical residents picketed the University Medical Center demanding a 3 percent pay increase.

Some residents that protested said they calculated while working 80 hours a week with an annual $40,000 salary, they made between $7 and $10 per hour.

Feb. 2, 1996

The Graduate Employees Organization picketed various University locations in the middle of contract negotiations.

Members protested for wage increases and international graduate student training.

GEO and the University had already agreed on changing the title of teaching assistant to graduate student instructor, as well as applying same-sex benefits for GSIs.

Feb. 6, 1986

Michigan Student Assembly official Cheryl Bullard resigned her position after being reprimanded by MSA leaders for speaking to the media over an internal matter.

Two weeks before, Bullard told The Michigan Daily that Lawrence Norris, chair of MSA

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