Nov. 28, 1990

Approximately 120 students attended the first meeting of the Anti-Gulf War Coalition because of worries that a war was brewing in the Middle East and not enough activism had occurred on campus. The platform called for bringing troops home, decreasing U.S. dependence on foreign oil, ending a blockade of food and medicine to Iraq, and an end to anti-Arab and anti-Semitic racism.

Nov. 29, 1949

The LSA assistant dean announced that a new policy limiting course drops to the first three weeks of a term had been approved. The limit was instituted “because of a widespread tendency of students to drop courses at the first sign of difficulty.”

Nov. 29, 1973

The Student Government Council passed a resolution condemning the University’s pledge to enroll 10 percent minority students by opposing “the usage of quotas in any University policy.”

Nov. 29, 1977

Michigan Gov. William Milliken organized a North Campus conference to “arouse interest in the potentials of wood energy.” Officials came from several states and countries as far as Sweden to discuss the potential of increasing the use of wood as a fuel for energy production and heating. Milliken estimated that wood would save $8.4 billion and 600 million barrels of oil.

Nov. 30, 1932

The School of Education dean declared that “rowdyism” among students had almost completely disappeared since prohibition began, and came out against proposals to repeal the ban on alcohol.

Nov. 30, 1954

Local residents raised bond for a University law student from Iran, enabling him to petition the federal government for political asylum. Buich Navidzadeh faced execution in Iran after accusations that he was a communist sympathizer.

Nov. 30. 1972

The Student Government Council narrowly defeated a proposal to establish a student “dope co-op” that called for the council to allocate $2,500 to buy marijuana to be distributed free to students. The vote was 6 to 5 until the SGC president voted against it. Proponents of the measure immediately called for a recall of the president.

Dec. 1, 1949

The Interfraternity Council passed a resolution to ask the Student Affairs Committee to suspend any fraternity which failed to petition its national chapter to remove racial bias clauses from its constitution.

Dec. 1, 1955

A strike by stereotypers shut down Detroit’s major newspapers, though they continued to gather and broadcast news reports through radio. The next day, Michigan Daily staff members went to Detroit to sell the Daily on the streets. Over 3,000 were sold.

Dec. 1, 1970

Jane Fonda, an outspoken critic of U.S. policy in Indochina, told an audience of several hundred gathered in the Michigan Union Ballroom that although President Richard “Nixon doesn’t want to be the first American president to lose a war, he may be the first to lose an army … The soldiers are no longer John Wayne freaks.”

Dec. 1, 1978

Former University student Bob Higgins filed suit against the University regents for $885,000 because the German department did not give him an “A” in a fourth term language class.

Dec. 2, 1974

The University was forced to cancel classes for the first time in 25 years when 18 inches of snow fell on the Midwest, closing airports and preventing the return of students from Thanksgiving vacation.

Dec. 3, 1942

The University Hospital, already staggering under a labor shortage because of World War II, was paralyzed by the sudden gastro-intestinal illness of 100 doctors and nurses.

Dec. 3, 1947

Twelve Michiganesians were thrown off the top of the Michigan Union Tower to prove that the yearbook was “bound” to be a success. The test was devised to show that the book had strong bindings.

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Tyler Boersen.

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