Nov. 13, 1956

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled state and local laws requiring segregation on buses unconstitutional. The court cited its 1954 decision against segregation in public schools and subsequent decisions outlawing segregation in public parks, playgrounds and on public golf courses.

Nov. 13, 1972

A group of Alice Lloyd Residence Hall residents participated in legitimized racism for a Pilot Program class on Race Relations. Two groups of students, the Scugs and the Hyeklops, had to alternate taking superior and inferior roles. The experiment was designed “to study the overt and blatant facts of racism” according to instructor Allen Giles.

Nov. 13, 1973

Pulitzer Prize winning playwright and University alum Arthur Miller told an audience at the Michigan League that “the best theater is that which reflects the whole society as much as possible. The rest often weakens itself.” Miller spent his mornings at his room in the League working on his next project, “The American Clock,” which he planned to premiere at the University.

Nov. 14, 1982

The Wolverine football team beat Purdue 52-21 to seize the Big Ten title and guarantee a Rose Bowl appearance. With an 8-2 overall record, this was the 10th time the Wolverines won or shared the Big Ten title in coach Bo Schembechler’s 14 year career.

Nov. 15, 1971

University President Robben Fleming announced the University would sever its ties to Willow Run Labs, the organization that conducted most of the military research on campus.

Nov. 15, 1974

The University Board of Regents warned University officials not to purge confidential information from student files. The vote came in response to a new federal law that granted students access to their files.

Nov. 16, 1920

The University student government voted to form a representative body of the sophomore class with the responsibility of enforcing freshmen traditions. These included the wearing of a distinctive ‘pot’ hat.

Nov. 16, 1973

The Board of Regents ordered University executive officers to come up with a plan for returning about $1 million in excess tuition to students. The rebate was to correct a 24 percent tuition hike that resulted in an excess of over $3.75 million.

Nov. 16, 1978

State Rep. Perry Bullard of Ann Arbor told students he would introduce a bill to decriminalize the possession of alcohol for 18 to 20 year olds. A recent bill had made members of this age group minors when the drinking age became 21.

Nov. 17, 1966

The University administration answered student demands that the University cease compilation of class ranking for use by the Selective Service and rescind a new ban on sit-ins with a mimeographed “no.” In response, the Student Government Council declared itself independent from the Office of Student Affairs.

Nov. 18, 1920

The junior literary society spearheaded a drive to collect funds to send to needy European college students. In a letter to the head of the organization, former food administrator Herbert Hoover described the “general spirit of hopelessness and the terrible physical sufferings of the student classes in the central European countries.

Nov. 18, 1966

Almost 40 faculty members signed a pledge not to give male undergraduates letter grades in order to protest the use of grades to grant student deferments from the Vietnam draft. The professors said they would provide written evaluations of their students’ work.

Nov. 19, 1939

Ice skater Sonja Henie picked Michigan’s Tom Harmon to be on her all-American football squad because he was “so pretty.” University women voiced their disapproval, naming at least half a dozen better-looking players on the Michigan team.

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Tyler Boerson.

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