Five years ago …

Students expressed excitement when it was announced that U.N.
Secretary-General Kofi Annan would be delivering the keynote
address at graduation ceremonies. “I think it’s nice to
have someone who has an influence on the world, not just our
country. It shows we’re a world class school,” LSA
senior Ian Shainbrown said. Annan, like other speakers in the past,
was scheduled to receive an honorary degree as well.

Ten years ago …

The Daily revealed a high degree of sexual activity occurring in
the Mason Hall first-floor men’s restroom. Department of
Public Safety Lt. Jim Skowron said he believes male prostitution,
drug use, thefts and physical assaults all take place in the

Custodians, who admitted to witnessing several acts, with the
“busy time” being from about 3 to 6 p.m., have filed
complaints about the unsanitary conditions in the stalls, including
walls splattered with semen stains.

In 1993, DPS reported receiving 15 sex-related grievances from
students and staff in Mason Hall. University officials acknowledged
the problem had existed for a long time.

April 14, 1970

Vice President Spirow Agnew blasted the University for a
“surrender” to the Black Action Movement during a
speech in Iowa, saying that the University’s policy of
increasing admissions of blacks to 10 percent would undermine the
legitimacy of the school’s diploma.

“Unqualified students are being swept into college on the
wave of new socialism,”Agnew said. The vice president was
quickly met with denouncements from University President Robben
Fleming, Michigan Gov. William Milliken, University regents and
members of BAM.

April 11, 1969

The Board of Governors of Residence Halls recommended that all
restrictions on women’s late-night activity be abolished
beginning next fall. At the time, only women under 21 with parental
permission could be out past curfew, which applied to about 10
percent of women living in the residence halls.

An unnamed member said parents of women have a “false
sense of security” if they believe their daughters are
“locked away safely” when they could be out all

The board also approved a measure which would permit one
corridor of Mosher-Jordan Hall to alternative between men’s
and women’s rooms.

April 14, 1961

A group of students interested in reviving a campus humor
magazine, drew up a constitution for a new student organization to
be known as the “Gargantuans.”

“The group will try to produce an atmosphere conducive to
the level of creativeness necessary for a high quality humor
magazine which the University is now without,” said
Gargantuans spokesman Frederick Neff.

The Gargantuans hoped to incorporate two other groups trying to
bring back the Gargoyle to campus. The Gargoyle was a campus humor
magazine, which stopped the year before when no senior editors were
appointed to its staff.

April 17, 1960

Fourteen students and one University employee were arrested by
local police after distributing leaflets while protesting against
the Cousins Shop and three other stores whose Southern branches
practice segregation. Detective Duane Bauer said the demonstrators
possibly violated a city ordinance prohibiting public distribution
or scattering of advertising material.

The police were responding to complaints from businesses in the
State Street area who were not being protested but were
nevertheless irrated by the protesters. The 15 arrested were
released but ordered to come back to the station in the morning to
learn if they would face charges.

April 12, 2000

Rick’s American Café traded in its dance floor for
a runway for one night, as it hosted a modeling contest which
featured 20 male and female co-eds donning their flashiest fashions
and their sexiest swimwear. The contests was sponsored by and, websites devoted to assisting
college students in the first steps of their careers.

“If someone has potential, just because they are going to
college does not mean they should give up a modeling career,” President Michael Schneider said. The winner of the
online voting won a spot as the fifth individual (not necessarily
Mr. or Ms. May) in the “Michigan Models Calendar.”


— Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Michael

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