The consensus was unanimous. If Jim Harbaugh was returning, so were they.

Students, alumni and fans all came back to Crisler Center Tuesday, less interested in the Michigan men’s basketball team’s game against Illinois than hoping to hear newly-hired Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh speak at halftime.

And though he took just two minutes to thank everyone for coming out, the crowd rose to its feet anyway. Tickets went for more than $100 on secondary sites, students still lined up early despite being on break and Tuesday’s game sold out more than 24 hours before tip.

In honor of Harbaugh, the Maize Rage orchestrated a “khaki-out” that had fans throughout the arena dressed in the coach’s classic look. Some took it as far as to wear headsets and a baseball hat with a sharpie in the collar to complete the outfit.

There LSA freshmen Garrett Nitschke and Andrea Sahouri, who came from Goodrich, Michigan to attend the game. Both had to raid their parents’ closets for a pair of khaki’s to wear to the game.

Both agreed they weren’t willing to sell their tickets for the game, despite demand at its highest.

“We got lucky,” Sahouri said. “It’s history. … We’re excited for him to come home.”

Detroit native Chris Kiser also had to scramble to find a pair, but he still made his way out.

“A bunch of texts went out from my friends to make sure I knew and was on board (with the look),” Kiser said. “I needed to borrow a pair, but I had to have them on.

“It’s kind of disbelief. It’s pretty much a home run that Michigan got their guy. I’m just really proud to be part of a University that would get their man.”

Even Engineering sophomore David Lectka, who normally wears his Michigan-colored Spiderman suit to every home basketball game, chose to cover up his lower half with a pair of khakis.

But khakis or not, everyone donned a smile throughout the afternoon as the crowd celebrated more than Michigan basketball’s 73-65 win over Illinois.

Catie Szedlak, a nursing senior, held up a sign all afternoon that her sister made Monday night that read, ‘Jim we saved you a seat!’

“It’s just beyond exciting,” Szedlak said. “It was like a rollercoaster. Is he going to come? Is he not going to come? … (But) It’s really great that he’s here. It’s almost like a Christmas present.”

Nick Lemmer, on the other hand, wore khakis for a different reason.

“The khakis are because I didn’t do laundry and they were all I had,” he said.

A University alum from Lansing, Lemmer came down the game with his father, having to exclude his mother from coming. Lemmer felt the trip was one he “had to make,” choosing not to sell his tickets at a higher price.

In the front row of the student section, Michigan-Dearborn senior Matt Piotrowski held a hand-drawn blown up caricature of Harbaugh that caught the eye. His friend bought khakis just for the occasion. The two stood next to four students wearing fake headsets. Both groups got to Crisler especially early to make sure they were seen.

Fans talked about Harbaugh in the concourse waiting to purchase food, in the line to the bathroom and while checking out to buy their new apparel.

The consensus was unanimous: Harbaugh’s presence was exciting.

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