Formed in Berkeley, Calif. back in 2000, the indie rock/dance-punk band We Are Scientists now sets its roots in New York City. Bassist Chris Cain took a break during a set-up in Philadelphia to have an interview with the Daily in support of the band’s latest release, Barbara. We Are Scientists will perform at the Blind Pig on July 20th.

We Are Scientists

July 20 at 9:00 p.m.
Blind Pig

“It’s going great,” Cain said in reference to the current tour. “It’s fun to be back.” Between recording albums and going on tour, Cain voiced a definite preference for the latter.

“Recording’s pretty boring. Mostly setting up amps (and) stuff I don’t really give a shit about,” he said. “We make a habit of getting the songs sorted out before we go into the studio. We’re cheap bastards that way.”

Cain said that Barbara is unlike previous WAS albums in its “consciously stripped-back” sound.

Barbara is the band’s third album, after its 2002 independent release Safety, Fun, and Learning (In That Order) and 2005 major-label debut With Love and Squalor, with which WAS found mainstream success through upbeat, fuzzily distorted dance jams.

Barbara was chosen arbitrarily as the title of the third album, Cain said.

“Our album was named for Barbara Walters,” Cain said, half-jokingly. “It was a random, abstract decision to name our album Barbara. It’s a dated name.”

Some bands currently on Cain’s radar include Wild Beasts and Chew Lips. However, Cain expressed adamant distaste toward another well known musical act.

“I’m not a Ke$ha fan though,” Cain said. “I like Katy Perry but Ke$ha sucks.”

That’s not to say that Cain’s tastes veer only toward the underground. He’s a big fan of Big Boi, or, as most people know him, the Chico Dusty-spawning half of OutKast.

“Damn,” Cain said, “Big Boi’s pretty incredible.”

Cain rattles off a list of some of his favorite bands that he’s performed with. “Art Brut, Arctic Monkeys, Big Pink, Wings — all amazing.”

Future projects for We Are Scientists include another stint with MTV, a follow-up to the band’s first televised comedy skit “Steve Wants His Money” with the program in 2009.

“Ann Arbor is going to be a fucking mud bath,” Cain added — whatever that means.

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