For most of the older crowd, cartoons have become a thing of the
past. “Beavis and Butthead” has left our TV sets and we
are left with no real alternative. Enter Adult Swim, Cartoon
Network’s late night block of shows geared to the zaniest of
the Generation X and Y crowds. Two programs in particular stand out
as the network’s most popular, and for good reason.

Mira Levitan
Mira Levitan
No one sleeps with my grandmother! (Courtesy of Cartoon Network)

“Space Ghost Coast to Coast” enters your living
room, as an old-time superhero, trying his hand at hosting a late
night talk show. With celebrity guests ranging from Weird Al
Yankovic to Hulk Hogan, Space Ghost tries to find out each
person’s secret identity, which generally results in some
hilarity. The show is a bit scattered, as the quick-tempered Space
Ghost will zap his mantis bandleader and arch-nemesis Zorak, or
argue with his producer Moltar, another foe, for no reason at all.
This leaves audiences confused from time to time, even though that
is just Space Ghost’s character shining through.

“Aqua Teen Hunger Force” continues the trend of
wacky cartoonery on Adult Swim. This offering chronicles the lives
of three fast food products who double as detectives. The lovable,
goofy Meatwad (who looks like, you guessed it, a wad of meat) teams
with the brainy, reasonable Frylock and the crazy, bossy Master
Shake to fight such enemies as robotic rabbits and leprechauns. The
antics of Master Shake are laugh-out-loud funny, and when coupled
with the creative hip-hop theme song, audiences will keep coming
back for seconds.

The extras are lacking, even when you consider it is just a
television show on DVD. Aside from guest commentaries and a single
unique feature on each set, the extras are nothing special. Still,
the content of the shows themselves are a good enough reason for
any cartoon fan to add this DVD to their collection. With quality
content from these two shows’ first seasons, Adult Swim
proves it will certainly not sink to the bottom of the TV pool.

Show: 3 1/2 stars.

Picture/Sound: 5 stars.

Features: 2 stars.

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