My name is Michael Radtke, and I am running as an independent for LSA Student Government representative.

Last September, I decided to join Student Government’s Academic Affairs Committee. I decided that there were several issues facing the university community that I wanted to help solve. This January, I decided I really wanted to make an impact, so I applied and was appointed an LSA Student Government representative.

I applied for this position because I was concerned about the impact party politics had on student government. The Michigan Action Party is the only political party currently involved in government, and I feel many students are not being well-represented by MAP. I wanted to be a clear, independent alternative to the current one-party system.

I felt many MAP representatives are letting their personal ambitions cloud their judgment. Most resolutions and business that have come up for a vote have only received token opposition and little debate, because almost all members of government belong to one political party.

I wanted to use my vote as an independent to cast a bright light on government and to make a difference for all LSA students. I want to make student government more open and accessible to the students it serves. Currently, I am writing a resolution to require all meeting minutes and issues to be placed on the LSA-SG website.

My current AAC project is to standardize internship credit across the LSA curriculum in order to encourage students to volunteer their time and effort to both political and non-profit organizations that work for change in our communities. I believe that standardizing internship credit will help combat the apathy that many people feel has seized our campus.

I also currently serve on the Race and Ethnicity Taskforce, working to revise this much-debated requirement. The taskforce is striving to make the R&E requirement apply to more classes that focus on different forms of discrimination.

I encourage students to come to my office hours Wednesdays from noon to 1 p.m. in the Michigan Union room 4152, to get to know both me and my policies. I want to get to know the students I serve. I want to know what problems LSA students face and how LSA Student Government can better help them.

I encourage students to join my Facebook group, “Mike Radtke for LSA-SG Representative,” to ask questions and see how I want to help change our university for the better.

And please vote for Michael Radtke, independent for LSA-SG representative, on March 21 and 22.

Michael Radtke is an LSA junior and an independent candidate for LSA-SG representative

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