Throughout my time in college, I’ve noticed that depression and other mental illnesses — and their treatment — are sometimes overlooked. Because these illnesses affect us in a way that may not seem obvious, we have a hard time understanding what they are and how we should handle them. How do we treat something that we can’t see?

Because college environments can trigger depression and other mental illnesses, I wanted to investigate further how the University hopes to treat mental health. I reached out to Dr. John Greden, the Founder and Executive Director of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Depression Center. The Depression Center is revolutionary for multiple reasons — not only was it the first institution of its kind, but its approach to treating mental health is both unique and forward thinking. Good mental health is individualized, and we need to take on these illnesses with a holistic approach. At the University, we are lucky to have facilities available to us that shed new light on mental illness.

It is important to recognize signs of depression and other mental illnesses, and to not be afraid to get the proper care. For more information about the Depression Center, visit Knowledge is power, and the more we know about mental health, the sooner we can beat the stigma and help those in need.

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