For an anticipatory nine seconds, we wait. First there’s a beautiful shot of light filtering through lush green leaves. Then, a suburban street scene with parked minivans and tree-lined sidewalks. By the time we’re staring at a lonely, unoccupied public telephone, we start to wonder why the hell we’re still watching this video, as absolutely nothing has happened in the way-too-long grace period for our fast-paced Internet era.

And then, it happens.

The bizarre bouncy music swells and from around the corner emerges the most energetic-yet-simultaneously-floppy dummy the Internet has seen. He prances and scampers through the streets in the happy-go-lucky manner that is only befitting of a brainless synthetic creature.

The true climax of the film is the parking garage scene, when our hapless friend breaks the flailing restrictions evidently important to this town. Yet despite the perfect video length and engaging subject matter, “Going to the Store” fails to garner equally hearty laughs on repeat views. Bonus points for the creator being a legit animation artist, though. If you like this video, you should check out “TRON: Legacy.” Same animator.

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