Some of us are just born to dance. And some of us, like “Got to Dance” contestant Happiness, are born to flop around the stage to a high-energy scat number.

“Got to Dance: More Happiness!”

Ever since the epic Susan Boyle viral vid, we’ve been cautious to judge a talent-show contestant. Looks can sometimes be very, very misleading, as evidenced by Boyle’s simultaneous weirdness and unbelievable talent.

Unfortunately, Happiness makes it pretty clear — within eight seconds — that she has no talent whatsoever. The two-minute clip features our hapless dancer constantly karate-chopping the air while throwing herself to the ground and jumping back up again to run around the stage in an impassioned frenzy. She’s calls it “freestyle.”

Happiness’s spastic performance is interspersed with the hilarious reactions of the judges and the show’s host. Abandoning any effort at commentary or impassive expressions, they burst out into uncontrollable laughter.

Unlike Happiness’s uncontrollable energy and enthusiasm, viewer interest in this viral vid wanes about midway through the clip. The star is now red-faced and messy-haired, still karate-chopping and flopping with a passion. But we’ve seen it all. Happiness can’t offer us anything more.

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