It’s been 13 years since Michigan won a national championship, nine years since we were in the Final Four, and four years since we were in the NCAA Tournament. But if you think that the spirit for Michigan basketball has died on campus or been clouded over by Ed Martin’s dark shadow, think again. The Maize Rage has been working hard all summer to ensure that this will be another fun season for student ticket holders behind the benches at Crisler Arena.

Things are looking up for the Wolverines. Coach Tommy Amaker brought in his first class of freshmen, which ranked in the top-15 nationally. LaVell Blanchard and Bernard Robinson could become the most dynamic offensive tandem in the Big Ten. We play the Spartans on Super Bowl Sunday on CBS. The old uniforms are back.

Now, we just need some more tallies in the win column. That’s where you, the students, come into play.

Crisler has been labeled by some as the “easiest place to play in the Big Ten.” That needs to change. We can’t truly consider ourselves to be the “leaders and best” when comments like this are being made. Crisler can be an intimidating place to visit; we just have to make it that way. The Maize Rage laid a great foundation last year as we moved down toward the floor. Those who were a part of the Rage truly enjoyed it. We experienced growing pains, but we came out of it stronger and are ready to take it to the next level this year.

The first thing you can do, loyal Michigan fan, is to buy tickets. At last count, we had only sold 569. That is nowhere near the thousands purchased at Michigan State, Illinois, or even Purdue. We can do better than that. Regardless of the past, these are our classmates, and in the words of Amaker, “We need to be there in their time of need.”

The Michigan program will be back, and sooner than you think. The next class of freshmen is currently ranked fourth nationally. Coach Amaker is bringing in players who hold class on the court and exhibit it off the court. Will the current group of players make the NCAAs this year? Who knows? What I do know is this: Crisler needs to have life breathed into it, and that life starts with the students.

Purchase your tickets. Wave your Tommy Towels. Heckle the opposing players. Do the Dom Bomb. Make noise. But most importantly, be excited about the return of Michigan basketball. We are embarking on something special. Join the family.

– This viewpoint was written by LSA senior and Michigan superfan Brian Groesser

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