Like all encounters that students will experience with our members in the next few months, we will begin with a simple, warm introduction. We are the University Party, a new political group dedicated to restoring credibility and effectiveness to the Michigan Student Assembly and other similar governing bodies. One can reasonably ask what makes the University Party so different from other groups on campus. Simply put, we know the role of our government. We understand that MSA has little bearing on non-campus issues and that resolutions pertaining to such matters are unnecessary. All these resolutions do is divide the campus into numerous factions and threaten to split an educational union that should strive to perfect tolerance and understanding. Moreover, we represent all ideologies and are determined to keep national partisan interests out of a student government that should be neutral on such issues. Education is the goal of MSA; factionalization and superfluous resolutions are not. We hope that you agree with our principles and would revel in the opportunity to join a passionate movement dedicated to strengthening ties between MSA and the students at large.

Unlike other campus political groups that have existed in the past, we are not an election machine. Granted one must be elected in order to serve – but the University Party represents a strongly cohesive group that will keep its members in check with the aforementioned ideals. Our party believes that one day we will return to the University as alumni and witness a thriving, politically-aware group helping students relate with the administration and procure necessary founds for various group activities. Currently, parties rise and fall with high turnover and the process by which students interact with their government changes just a rapidly. This inconsistency will disappear under the watch of the University Party. We will remain for many years a strong party assisting all students, of all political beliefs, in their endeavors and we will clarify the ways by which students may participate in MSA and obtain funds.

Another important focus of the University Party concerns the dissolution of the LSA Student Government that has occurred under the current administration. As we all know, this school is the most populous on campus and, therefore, carries great significance in the relation between the administration and the student body. We vow to bring credibility and purpose back to the governing body and rid LSA-SG of rampant apathy.

With that said, election time is fast upon us friends. At the end of March, winter elections will grasp the attention of the University for two intense days. Although it may seem that we just left an election in the fall, the important business of who will be our next president and vice president must be determined in this winter term (Keep in mind that other important seats are also up for grab). Coupled with this announcement of our party’s basic ideals is a promise to the student body. We believe that we can relate to the sentiment of the student body because, after all, we are students also, we fully support our competition’s suggestion to refrain from the defacement of academic building with campaign posters. This joint venture will make the campaign season all the more bearable to the student body and foster a more personal campaign strategy. In addition to their pledge, we promise to abstain from chalking the campus in an effort to beautify the University. Instead, the student body can look forward to the University Party engaging students in a positive, verbal manner and we will not practice the impersonality that has typified past elections.

Nevertheless, the University Party would not support legislation against this practice, as free speech is fundamental to the Constitution of this country. We promise to join the competition in this endeavor in the spirit of community appreciation, but the establishment of such legislation degrades those dear principles of the United States.

We thank the Daily for providing an impartial forum for student political parties to express their message. But most importantly, we thank the readers of this piece for taking a moment out of their day to hear our message if only for the chance to take it into consideration. The University Party welcomes all students to join our hard work, our passion and our fun. For further information and greater detail contact those individuals at the end of this piece. These gentlemen can assist you in becoming a participant in this growing movement. All forms of participation are welcome whether one desires to act as a member at large or desires to become a candidate.

Macvay is an LSA senior and Moore is an LSA junior. Both are co-chairmen of the University Party.

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