As members of the Michigan Vision Party at the University, we pride ourselves on our accomplishments in student government over the past few years. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work closely with the student body and many prominent and promising young student leaders on campus. Our party’s members’ involvement in the Michigan Student Assembly continues to be robust, and we continue to be a key driving force behind many MSA commissions and initiatives. And while we have chosen not to run an executive slate for president and vice president in this year’s election, we remain committed to providing the leadership, ideas, vision and results that are required to help the student body at the University reach its fullest potential.

Our candidates for representatives to MSA have all demonstrated unique abilities and incredible diversity in their backgrounds and in their involvement with various student groups and organizations here on campus. All of them have remarkable leadership experience and a track record of achieving results in their endeavors. Our slate for this year, which includes six candidates for MSA, an LSA representative and a candidate for the College of Engineering and School of Public Policy, is well versed in campus issues and understands the concerns of all University students. And their vision for where they want to take the University next is nothing short of incredible.

The initiatives that our candidates are fighting for range from tackling concrete issues like Saturday Night Dining and increased bus service on weekends, to promoting open housing policies and greater communication, transparency and student participation in student government on campus. Several of our candidates have been the driving force on MSA behind various student leadership initiatives, increased funding for student groups, more streamlined student government and greater cooperation between student organizations. They have all pledged to listen to you, as students of the University, to ensure that the issues important to you are addressed in a forum that meets your needs.

If elected, we look forward to working closely with various departments of the University administration, from the Board of Regents to the Department of Public Safety, all in an effort to make sure that the concerns of all University students are heard. MSA should be your forum, your portal to the rest of the University. In addition to some of the various projects outlined above, we will work closely to facilitate interaction, cooperation and communication between student groups, University departments and students themselves. Overhauling the MSA website and providing new, effective interfaces through which students can find out about new events or initiatives that may affect them or grab their interest are some of our top priorities. We are hopeful that we will have the support of the student body in implementing these new changes in order to increase communication and the effectiveness of MSA as a forum through which ideas can be exchanged across campus, all the way from the Michigan Union to North Campus.

We thank the students of the University for the trust and confidence they’ve placed in us before. And we pledge that we will continue our mission to serve the student body and students’ interests through student government on MSA. With your vote and your support, we will make MSA the students’ assembly, and a place where all students can see their vision translated into real progress on campus.

Ali Maredia is an LSA sophomore. Tom Stuckey is a Ross School of Business junior. They are both party chairs of the Michigan Vision Party.

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