The University has long held diversity as one its fundamental values. It prides itself on actualizing this concept as part of the student experience. This reputation attracts a variety of individuals who contribute to the colorful mosaic we have at the University. Students expect a community that is accepting of all people, regardless of “race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status,” as stated in the University’s non-discrimination policy.

In light of recent events surrounding Michigan Student Assembly President Chris Armstrong, we as student leaders, would like to reaffirm our commitment to an inclusive and tolerant campus environment. Discriminatory and prejudiced acts of any kind are not acceptable at the University. Our university serves as a model to other institutions around the world due to our inclusive attitude and growth towards inter-cultural maturity. We, as a student body, have and will continue to stand together and uphold this valued sense of community.

Such an inclusive environment is seldom found in society. Thus, we must take full advantage of and protect the opportunities that come with this acceptance: stand strong to your unique identity, have pride in your individuality and accomplishments and carry-on in your passions with a steadfast determination. It’s only when we all express our true selves that we can reap the full benefits of a diverse campus.

As Wolverines, we must take continual action to preserve and defend all that is special about our university. We ask that you join us as we stand up and commit to continue making the University an environment that promotes congruency, acceptance and paths towards self-actualization.

Steven Benson is the LSA Student Government president.
Charles Bogren is the University of Michigan College Republicans chair.
Brendan Campbell is the College Democrats at the University of Michigan chair.
Eric Elgin is the Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan executive director.
Mike Friedman is the Interfraternity Council President.
Ryan Garber is the Hillel chair.
Carly Goldberg is the LSA Student Government vice president.
Richard Kallus is the American Movement for Israel chair.
Natalie Kittikul is the Circle K president.
Ankit Mehta is the MPowered Entrepreneurship president.
Myles Morgan is the National Pan-Hellenic Council president.
Stephanie Parrish is the ONE Campaign founder.
Neal Patel is the South Asian Awareness Network chair.
Sanjiv Rao is the Multicultural Greek Council president.
Katie Rosenberg is the Panhellenic Association president.
Alex Wood is the Student-Athlete Advisory Council president.

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