The reMICHIGAN Campaign is the first major step in refocusing student government. We are a group of students representing seven schools and colleges who are committed to important student issues.

The reMICHIGAN Campaign is a new idea about how student government and Michigan Student Assembly elections should work. A party is about people but a campaign is about substance, and we believe that this election has the potential to make MSA relevant again. The substantive difference between the reMICHIGAN Campaign and the parties in this election is that we offer more than just ideas and a vision for student government. We offer a complex and intellectual approach toward solving problems.

We have been committed to figuring out the “how” for solving the pressing problems of this campus and we have developed plans and backup plans to comprehensively attack issues. Our diverse slate of candidates reflects the talent, energy, experience and work ethic that MSA needs to revitalize the way it works. Led by presidential candidate Gibran Baydoun and vice-presidential candidate Greg Caplan, the reMICHIGAN Campaign offers a wealth of experience, innovation and initiative. Baydoun and Caplan lead through their persistent commitment to this university and the Michigan community.

Turning the page on the history of parties in MSA, the reMICHIGAN Campaign does not have a laundry list of intangible ideas. We focus on six major initiatives: tuition and financial aid, career and internship opportunities, sustainability and green initiatives, academic guidance, student organizations and Michigan spirit and tradition. For each of these initiatives, we have laid out a multi-faceted approach to tackling each problem, even starting before Election Day to explore and test different solutions. We are not waiting for the title to start fighting for students and the issues they care about.

Put candidly, the University deserves a student government that works and it can’t afford to wait. Imagine an active student government that serves as a mobilizing body for students, fighting for their interests, defending their rights and lobbying on their behalf. Imagine a persistent student government, one that goes beyond just talking about student issues and ideas and works continually to implement multiple plans of action for bettering campus. Imagine a collaborative student government, a government that serves as a union for students, uniting them and their organizations for collective action in solving Michigan’s problems. Imagine a student government that tackles issues proactively and is not afraid to handle real challenges that affect students.

At the end of the day, we believe in MSA’s potential to do great things and we are certain that if you trust and support the reMICHIGAN Campaign, there will be a new day in student government. We know that when students are engaged and united, amazing things can happen.

We thank you for the cross-campus support and ask that you check out our entire slate of candidates and our detailed platforms at Join us in revitalizing MSA and enhancing the Michigan experience.

This viewpoint was submitted on behalf of the reMICHIGAN Campaign.

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