A liberal arts education gives students the opportunity to achieve personal growth and to expand their intellectual capabilities. The College of Literature, Science and the Arts offers courses in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences with the aim of providing the liberal arts experience. Though the distribution requirements generally encompass classes relevant to the liberal arts experience, focus has consistently been on the “Literature” and “Science.” Quite often, the “Arts” have been neglected.

This week, students in LSA have the opportunity to change this. In addition to the 10 elected representative seats on the ballot for LSA Student Government’s Fall 2011 election cycle, there will be three ballot questions that students will be asked to answer. These questions help LSA-SG prioritize our various initiatives, poll student opinions and provide us with data that we use when lobbying the college administration for change.

This semester, there are three ballot questions: one regarding the installation of new water bottle filling stations across campus, another asking students if they would like to receive automatic grade notifications from Wolverine Access when professors post final course grades at the end of the semester and a question regarding the creation of a minor in the School of Art & Design that would be available to LSA students.

I will be the first to say that my stick figures will not live up to the legacy of Monet or Picasso. But I am also certain that students in LSA will benefit from the opportunity to pursue a creative minor in the fine arts. Many students have a passion for the arts, and while the bulk of their academic interests lie in their LSA concentration, they should also have the opportunity to receive a minor in the School of Art & Design. As an executive board member of LSA-SG, I strongly support the creation of a minor in the School of Art & Design available for LSA students. Whether students pursue the minor as a supplement to their LSA concentration because they need a creative outlet, or simply because they are passionate about the arts, a minor in the fine arts will benefit the lives of LSA students.

In the past, various minors and majors were developed, presented and implemented as a result of LSA-SG’s campaigns. These include the international studies major and minor, the peace and social justice minor and others. With the support of students, the same can happen for an LSA minor in the School of Art & Design.

As a student in LSA, if you vote in this election, not only do you fulfill your civic duty, but you also voice your opinion on an important college matter. By voting in this election, LSA-SG can make student interests become a reality. Simply go to www.vote.umich.edu and cast your vote right now. Today is the last day to vote. Make your voice heard!

Allison Sherman is an LSA junior.

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