The time of year when the spirit of giving and buying is at its greatest is just ending. Now, as the new year begins, any budgeting errors made in the past four months can become painfully obvious. Developing a successful budget, even one that takes the aftermath of the holiday season into account, is an easy thing to do, but it’s also an easy thing to neglect.

As an LSA junior, I admit that budgeting and credit management haven’t exactly been my top priorities. I only have one credit card (my parents are on the account) and a debit card that I use to pay for my books, rent and utilities (again, handled by my parents). I’ve always had a summer job to earn a little extra spending money, but I’ve never worked during the school year.

I am lucky enough to have some flexibility with my budgeting, especially when unpredictable expenses pile up. But what about after I graduate and can’t lean on my family the same way? What about getting a job and an apartment? What about my loans? I’m starting to realize that my credit history is just as important to my future success as my r

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