In covering the work of student government at the University, The Michigan Daily has historically chosen to focus on the Michigan Student Assembly. For better or worse, the smallest of assembly actions appears to receive significant attention. As we learned last week, placing a root beer keg in the Diag is enough to earn a front-page article. While this coverage is certainly important, as MSA has the potential to greatly affect the lives of all students, it overshadows the work of the University’s “other” student government.

In representing more than 17,000 students in both academic and nonacademic arenas, the student government of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts is charged with a serious mandate. It is a task that we believe LSA-SG has successfully tackled over the last six months. By focusing on “real issues,” the government has quietly been delivering “real results.”

Have problems with the LSA foreign language requirement? Today, the LSA faculty will be voting on a proposed change to the college’s foreign language requirement. The proposed “2-2” option will allow students to complete the language requirement by demonstrating second-semester proficiency in two different languages. If the proposal is to pass, it will be a testament to the government’s persistence in lobbying the faculty on an issue that students have brought to LSA-SG.

Want to taste some of Ann Arbor’s finest cuisine for free? Walk through the Diag during lunchtime this Tuesday and grab a sample from one of the 16 local area restaurants that will be participating in LSA-SG’s “Taste of Michigan” event.

Interested in the debate surrounding the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative and affirmative action? Come to LSA-SG’s MCRI forum this Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Pendleton Room of the Union. The nonpartisan educational event will feature such speakers as University General Counsel Marvin Krislov, who was a member of the University’s legal team in the Grutter and Gratz affirmative action cases and Prof. Carl Cohen who is a member of MCRI’s steering committee.

Want to travel a little cheaper? Students traveling for Thanksgiving and winter breaks will be able to utilize a special travel discount that LSA-SG’s Student Life Committee has negotiated with By entering “GoBlue20” as their promotional code, students will receive an additional $20 discount of their total travel cost.

Ever have issues with academic integrity in a class? After more than four years of working with the LSA administration, LSA-SG has secured the creation of college-wide Honor Council. Twenty student members will serve on the council, which has a dual mission of educating students with regards to issues of academic integrity, as well as assisting with the adjudication of cases involving alleged violations of related college policies.

Believe that you should be able to study international relations in college? After several years of diligent research and lobbying, LSA-SG is now working with members of the International Institute to finalize details for the launch of an International Studies minor within LSA.

Think that the cost of preparing for graduate school examinations is too high? LSA-SG is finalizing plans for the creation of a self-directed LSAT preparation course to be offered in conjunction with the University’s career center.

These events and projects represent just a small sampling of what LSA-SG is currently tackling. LSA-SG members have been working tirelessly to improve the quality of life for students on campus, both inside and outside of the classroom. Interested in getting involved or just learning more? Visit

The American Industrialist Henry J. Kaiser once said, “When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.” We’re done interrupting.


Yahkind is LSA-SG President, Butler is LSA-SG Vice President.

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