Come Halloween time, it”s always fun to see who”s got the best costume and who”s got the most intricate costume. Well, members of Delta Sigma Phi and Beta Theta Pi fraternities at Auburn University took the cake for the stupidest and most discriminatory costumes.

The university has temporarily suspended the social privileges of the two fraternities for their members dressing in Ku Klux Klan robes and donning black faces at parties on Oct. 25 and Oct. 27 however, this is not where the stupidity stops. The robe-sporting students decided to post pictures from the parties on the Internet.

One picture shows a student with a black face and a noose around his neck. This was the stupidest move of all, but, fortunately, the one that will likely be used to punish them.

According to the Auburn University News, the university is making the best of this sad situation, punishing the fraternities and using this opportunity to explore these touchy issues. “I am determined that this dreadful moment should serve as a positive opportunity for Auburn University to reaffirm its position on issues of diversity and discrimination and to embody that position in loud and clear public statements of policy,” Auburn University President William Walker said.

Advocating this form of harassment on your own time and in your own home is not illegal, but is deplorable. When a university-sanctioned organization takes on such views, however, the issue comes in conflict with nearly every university”s code of conduct or ethics.

These unsuspecting party-goers were stupid to dress as Klansmen in the first place they were even stupider to post their discrimination on the Internet. Auburn now must handle a moronic situation with the utmost sensitivity.

The Technician is the student newspaper at North Carolina State University. The photos of the party can be viewed at

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