This afternoon, the Ford School of Public Policy will welcome House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R–Va.) to speak to the University community and share the latest from Capitol Hill. As College Republicans, we’re proud of Cantor and all of the good work that he has done so far this term in Washington D.C., along with Speaker of the House John Boehner (R–Ohio), Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R–Calif.) and the entire Republican congressional caucus. From rolling back job-killing regulations to fighting tooth and nail to prevent implementation of President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional health care law, Cantor has been instrumental in providing strong leadership for the Republican majority on Capitol Hill — bringing together newly elected Tea Party Republicans with longtime veterans and harnessing the energy of a newly invigorated conservative movement and momentum from the 2010 midterm elections to promote a governing vision that will create jobs, encourage investment and help restore our economy.

As the majority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, Cantor has been influential in setting the priorities of the 112th Congress to focus on job creation, reducing wasteful spending and the size of the federal government and protecting and promoting liberty at home and abroad. Cantor’s key role in the debt ceiling and deficit reduction talks this past summer earned the respect of many Republicans and Democrats alike and proved vital to ensuring that no new taxes will be raised in order to balance our budget. Cantor understands the relationship between government and small business owners and understands that raising taxes on small businesses and wealthier Americans isn’t the fix to our economic or budgetary woes. Rather, the House majority leader is focused, along with his fellow House Republicans, on cutting wasteful spending, removing burdensome and unnecessary government regulations and promoting policies that will benefit job creators and get Americans back to work. Cantor understands that it is only through such policies that we will be able to grow our economy and reassert our strength as the world’s economic superpower and the most competitive place to do business.

There are some, however, who do not agree with Cantor and the House Republicans as they seek to restore our economy and combat the job-killing policies of the Obama administration. There are some who would rather see the government take a bigger role in the economy, bail out more companies and impose job-killing legislation on small business. And unfortunately, there are those who would likely rather protest today or disrupt Cantor’s event instead of working together to engage in a dialogue about job creation and growing our economy.

House Republicans, led by Boehner and Cantor, have continually made overtures to the Obama administration and tried to work with Democrats in the Senate to address the issue of job creation. Time and time again, Cantor has made an effort to engage in dialogue, reach across the aisle and find common sense, agreeable solutions to our economic problems. Unfortunately, it seems that the only job Obama cares about saving is his own. However, this has not deterred Cantor and his fellow House Republicans from moving forward with their vision for a brighter future for America. As one of the most dynamic and creative leaders in the 112th Congress, we remain confident in Cantor’s ability to come up with creative solutions for today and tomorrow’s problems, move forward with sound policies to improve our economy and work collaboratively and productively to provide leadership in the House of Representatives for the generation of tomorrow. We welcome Cantor to campus, applaud him for his impressive achievements so far and extend our best wishes for his continued success in the future.

Brian Koziara is an LSA Junior. This viewpoint was written on behalf of the College Republicans.

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