In New York, as many of you know, there is a certain political party that has one message, and that message is encapsulated in the party’s name. The name of this party is “the rent is too damn high” party. Its issue, as could be perceived, is that the rent in New York is in fact too damn high. The reason I bring this up is I believe the Michigan Student Assembly needs a new party to compete with Mforward. This party will be called “The ticket prices are too damn high” party.

I’m going to be honest right now. The reality of the situation is that tickets to college football games are not supposed to be cheap. According to a March 24 Daily article, non-students pay almost twice what we pay, we’re paying something like 30 bucks a ticket, which is really not that bad in the grand scheme of things. Having said all that, I have some issues with the University’s Athletic Department raising prices. The first is selfish, and the second is more universal.

First things first — I’m broke. I’m a college student. I’m not exactly depositing money in a bank account every week, and the amount of money that is lying around for extras like watching Michigan play football (one of the joys of a college experience) isn’t exactly huge. Our friends to the north in East Lansing pay $10 per ticket. Other students in the Big Ten are paying between five and 15 bucks. I’m not going to mention the fact that THE Ohio State University’s ticket prices are higher because it both weakens my argument and involves mentioning Ohio State University…

I love football. I love the beauty of a pulling guard, the wonder of a play action fake that works just right, and the roar of the crowd when sophomore quarterback Denard Robinson makes a linebacker look foolish. I also love paying for the heat in my house and for tuition. Overall, I’m going to restate the fact that I believe prices are too damn high.

The second issue I have with the rise in ticket prices comes from University Athletic Department spokesman Dave Ablauf’s interview with The Michigan Daily. In an e-mail interview, Ablauf wrote that even if some people don’t renew their tickets “the student section as a whole will probably sell out” and bragged that there is a “robust waiting list if some decline to renew their season tickets.”

I don’t know about you, but I find these comments very offensive. He is saying that the Athletic Department doesn’t care if you can’t stomach the thought of paying $240 for tickets, because someone else will, and if it’s not you watching the first night game in Michigan Stadium history in the fall, it doesn’t matter because there will still be more than 100,000 fans in the Big House. The Athletic Department doesn’t care if you’re in the seat because you love the game, just that you’re willing to pay more to sit there, and that is the reason the season ticket prices are too damn high.

Asa Smith is an LSA junior.

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