Last week in a column titled, The Problem with Fad Liberalism
(09/13/04), D.C. Lee, in one fell swoop, baselessly accused
college liberals of being a mindless, cliquey bunch of
conviction-less clowns. The three crude arguments espoused by
Lee’s article were as follows: First, the notion that
“Bush-bashing” is used by an uneducated group, known to
many as college liberals, second, that colleges and universities
engender this supposedly “uneducated” bunch because
“the majority of college professors are registered
Democrats” and universities, for some bizarre reason, believe
in extending opportunities through affirmative action. Finally, he
argues that today’s college liberalism is a fad and
ultimately transient in nature. Unfortunately, Lee has failed to
comprehend that college students support John Kerry because they
understand the issues. Education is the heart of Democratic
ideology. As Bill Clinton said, “Democrats win when people

This being said, we should take a peek into the mind of an
average, educated Democrat to see why he believes in Kerry so as to
find out that being a “__ liberalist” is a title to be
worn proudly.

In response to Mr. Lee, we say:

If by espousing Kerry’s holistic approach to foreign
policy, in which the resources of diplomacy, intelligence and
economic sanctions are fully utilized before unilateral military
action becomes a viable option is fad liberalism, then call us fad

Today, approximately one million students are dropping out of
high school every year. Moreover, because the price of college has
risen by 35 percent over the last three years, 220,000 qualified
young people were priced out of college last year. Kerry will offer
a college tax credit for up to $4,000 every year for tuition and
will provide financial aid to states that keep tuition down. If
refusing to be complacent with the inadequacies and inefficiencies
of the current education system and supporting a new vision of
reform for our schools is fad liberalism, then call us fad

Under the Bush administration, there is currently a tax loophole
that creates an economic incentive for companies to shift their
operations overseas. Kerry has adamantly advocated for the closing
of that loophole, which will subsequently bring back over $600
billion dollars of taxable corporate income and countless jobs for
our generation. Further, John Kerry understands the meaning of
fiscal conservatism and the implications of a soaring budget
deficit. Without a balanced budget, our generation has absolutely
no possibility of receiving Social Security, Medicare or any other
type of conceivable benefit. If desiring the assurance that our
generation will obtain jobs and other benefits after college is fad
liberalism, then call us fad liberalists.

Kerry is a man who knows the importance of faith, but more
importantly appreciates that the core value upon which our great
nation was founded is the separation of church and state. If
understanding the importance of spiritual ideology in private and
secular values in public defines fad liberalism, then call us fad

To say that Democrats in the University arena succumb to passing
whims and fancies is to indict not only the students, but also the
intelligentsia — professors, lecturers, and administrators
— of our community, who provide the foundation of our
education, and have made the same rational decision to support
Kerry, based not upon “being cool” or falling victim to
rhetoric, but by understanding John Kerry’s domestic and
foreign policies.

So, if the unsettling state in which we find our great nation
makes us crack a joke at the president or yell and scream at the
top of our lungs, we do so not because we are mindless clowns, but
because we are passionate about a new vision for America.


Block and Thalheimer are LSA sophomores and members of the
College Democrats.

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