I can stay silent for only so long. For months now, the Democratic nominees for Michigan’s governorship have fumbled and pawed at one another like a litter of blind little newborn piglets, born two too many for mama’s scarce teats. Watching their feeble battle-to-the-death has been somewhat pitiful, although to be honest, at times its been inspirational watching them grunt and sigh at debate inaccuracies and hide passive-aggressive shots at each other behind muscle-defying grade-school-picture smiles. Survivors, indeed.

Supposedly all three are in a dead heat in the polls. That was acceptable a few months ago, but I’m beginning to wonder if anyone can actually see what’s going on here. Sure they all appear like the same mundane, wet-blanket candidate, but Jim has yet to unsheathe his broadsword, so to speak. Any day now, I should think, its coming out. Likely there will be parades. But maybe Jim really is going to go through with this. Maybe I’m the dupe. Well I won’t let him; the public must be informed. See: This whole “race” is a farce, the polls dispensable, the pundits useless. The old clich

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