The war on terror has taken many turns since Sept. 11. Initially
George W. Bush proclaimed that it was necessary to invade Iraq to
obtain weapons of mass destruction and prevent them from falling
into the hands of terrorists. Twenty-one months later, without a
single WMD being found, the focus has now suddenly changed to
restoring sovereignty and democracy to Iraq. However, the removal
of an oppressive dictator has given Bush an opportunity to exert
his oppressive policies onto the people of Iraq. Instead of Iraq
being controlled by the evil Hussein, the state will be
overwhelmingly controlled by foreign forces in the name of

Though Bush leads Americans to believe that Iraq will be
sovereign and possess freedom and independence, Iraq will at best
share its power with the United States and the United Nations. Bush
asserts that he has no intentions of occupying Iraq and has vowed
to end the Coalition Provisional Authority occupation there.
Despite this, 138,000 American troops will still remain. Though the
troops’ presence serves to maintain security, they will also
be a physical reminder of the overwhelming level of U.S. influence
on Iraqi affairs. Sovereignty entails having autonomy and
authority, yet Iraq will have neither.

The U.S. will have an even greater influence on Iraq’s
political structure. In collaboration with the U.N. and a selected
group of Iraqis, government positions were formed and many of their
seats appointed. These acts contradict the ideas of freedom,
independence and democracy. A sovereign state chooses what type of
government they wish to have; instead, Iraq has a foreign
government doing this for them. This has resulted in the
appointment of Iyad Allawi as Prime Minister, who conveniently has
ties with the Central Intelligence Agency. A representative
democracy receives its power from the people within the state;
however, the Iraqi people will have very little say in who the U.S.
chooses to represent them. This completely undermines the basis of
a representative government and further indicates that June 30 will
not mark a transfer of sovereignty to the Iraqi people or its

The President has been placed into a position where many are
demanding an articulated course of action in Iraq. Unfortunately,
Bush has portrayed a false vision of what is going to take place in
Iraq. America did not find the weapons of mass destruction that
Bush so vehemently spoke of, and they will not find freedom,
independence or democracy in Iraq on June 30.

Clair is an LSA senior and a member of theDaily’s
editorial board.

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