Finally, a network has listened to its fans. Finally, a cable network has risked it all to please the people. Finally Spike TV has given Rev. Al Sharpton his very own TV show.

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Who needs to be president? (Courtesy of Spike TV)

That’s right, Spike TV’s latest reality series, “I Hate My Job,” is hosted by none other than the famed human rights activist and perennial caucus loser himself. Surprisingly, Sharpton does an adequate job of controlling the show and of motivating the contestants, but sadly, lags behind his noble efforts.

“I Hate My Job,” like many other reality TV shows these days, is essentially a makeover show, and a bad one at that. Essentially, the series features eight frustrated men who dream of a better career. Spike TV thinks Al Sharpton and his mysterious hottie friend can help make this dream a reality by forcing the guys to undergo a series of challenges in an attempt to weed out the dreamers from the doers.

In the first episode, the men are split into two teams and are told to go out into town in search of clothes that correspond to their dream jobs. This must be done in under four hours and without any money. When all is said and done, the first half of the show features a bunch of guys performing mundane tasks for mundane pieces of clothing. Entertainment at its finest.

The second half of the episode picks it up a bit when Sharpton asks the eight contestants to each present an example of the work they would do at their dream job. Hilarity ensues when the aspiring actor forgets his lines, the club owner-to-be tries to mix a drink with a broken blender and the stunt man destroys three stunt dummies on stage.

Really though, after Sharpton dismisses four of the contestants, audiences will be left with a ho-hum feeling. Even with the sometimes zany antics, the show is a snoozer. It lacks the excitement of “Survivor” or the many other reality series on the market.


Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

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