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Sravya Chirumamilla

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* Split Decision

* ‘U’ wins in Law School decision

* LSA told to alter numeric system

* Students divided over methods used to achieve diverse campus

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* Hearing decision, emotional Coleman proclaims victory

* ‘U’ regents prepare to revamp undergraduate admissions policies

* Coleman expects little difficulty in making new policy

* Faculty looks with questions, concerns to future use of race in admissions

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* Changes on the way for schools across nation

* Decision’s impact could extend to younger students

* Private, public schools analyze admissions to match court’s dictates

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* CIR claims win over preferences

* Ex-military officials urged justices to uphold policies

* ‘U’s support from corporate ranks bolstered case in court

* Politicians sound off about Supreme Court decisions

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* Sum of decisions greater than their parts

* Continued coverage from page 1

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* Admissions Lawsuits 101

–The history

— Fast facts

— The justices

— The divided circuits

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* The students react

* Early affirmative action pioneer Jackson dies

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