It’s not that I haven’t been looking for it – diversity. The Supreme Court case arguing the importance of diversity put the University on the civil rights map. But for all the diversity banter that I’ve been subject to, I can’t say that I’d ever really experienced diversity in its fullness until last Thursday at the U-Club Poetry Slam in The Michigan Union.

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Going to the event itself was completely by chance. There were about 75 students crowded around the stage, the lights were dim but the atmosphere was charged. I sat down somewhat awkwardly, not quite sure what to expect in a sea of complete strangers.

And I was shocked into life, when a boy with a biracial complexion took the stage. His manner was completely natural as he spoke to the audience about the tribulations of mixed parentage. His voice was so natural, matching the content octave for octave. Oh, he lamented about society, about his friends calling him a “peach” ’cause he was neither white nor black, about the hardships his parents went through engaged in the taboo of a mixed race relationship. But the way he did it was so beautiful, and whether or not the audience agreed with him and his lament, they applauded his artistic style

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