University Police issued crime alerts for a string of four incidents that occurred on and near campus within a timeframe of five days.

On Sunday, a female student was approached by an unknown man as she was heading northwest on the Diag from West Hall. After a brief struggle, the man stole her purse and fled southward on foot. Three days later, the Department of Public Safety reported that the suspect who stole the purse was arrested and the crime alert was cancelled.

On Tuesday, University Police issued a second crime alert after a woman reported to the Ann Arbor Police that she had been jogging down the west side of Thompson Street when an unknown man grabbed her throat and her wrist and pinned her against a tree. The man fled after the female victim kicked him.

The crime surge didn’t end there. Two off-campus home invasions occurred on Wednesday and Thursday.

The first took place at Willow Tree Apartments. A male resident told the Ann Arbor Police that three intruders entered his apartment between 2 a.m. and 2:30 a.m., struck him on the head and tied him up. University Police issued a crime alert stating that several items from the victim’s apartment were stolen — including his gray, four-door, 2005 Toyota Camry.

The second home invasion transpired on the 700 block of South Forest Ave., between Willard Street and Hill Street. A male resident told the Ann Arbor Police that he was awakened by a male intruder climbing out of the front window of his living room. The student reported that the window may have been left open over night.

According to Diane Brown, a spokesperson for the Department of Public Safety, four crime incidents within five days is an excessive amount at any time of the year, but that the total number of crime alerts up to this point in the year is not unusual.

“It’s unusual any time of the year, but the total number is not unusual,” Brown said.

Brown said that home invasions at off-campus housing are more prevalent during warmer months because residents tend to leave their windows open, which enables more break-ins.

Brown said that it’s important for students to remember to keep valuables out of sight and to keep doors and windows locked. She added that students should close their curtains to guard their expensive possessions.

Individuals with any information regarding these crimes are encouraged to contact DPS at (734)763-1131 or the University’s Anonymous Tip Line at (800) 863-1355.

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