The University of Michigan prides itself on its longstanding history of acceptance and tolerance of all cultures. These assets are the cornerstone of our education, and are integral in good times, and an utmost necessity in times of stress and trying.

Yesterday morning”s events have thrown us into a catastrophe on a magnitude never experienced before. The day has been tumultuous we don”t know what to believe we don”t know what to think.

This crisis is an opportunity for us to practice what we preach it is an opportunity for us to come together, recognize and pay proper respect to the tragedy, and unite behind one another. We are all in the same boat confused.

Things are difficult right now, and they will be for some time to come while we try to interpret what has happened. Let”s take this opportunity to unite behind our common values of diversity, tolerance and acceptance. Terrorism only succeeds when it forces its victims to change their practices, and we refuse to let terrorism succeed.

As noted by President Bollinger, if you have any questions regarding counseling, help lines, or anything else, will have continual updates as they occur.


E. Royster Harper

Vice President for Student Affairs

Matt Nolan


Michigan Student Assembly

Jessica Cash

Vice President

Michigan Student Assembly

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