University Police are investigating an alleged sexual assault that took place at the University Hospital earlier this month.

A patient said a male nurse inappropriately touched her while she was in the University Hospital Emergency Room for treatment on Dec. 7.

University Police spokeswoman Diane Brown said the woman reported the incident to hospital staff during her follow-up visit on Dec. 10. Once the woman informed emergency room staff of the incident, they communicated the information to Hospital Security personnel who immediately contacted police.

The woman is not a student at the University and the man is an employee of a temporary nursing service, Brown said. She also confirmed that he was working at the University Hospital’s emergency room on the date when the alleged incident took place.

Brown did not know the nurse’s current employment status with the temporary nursing service, but said he will not be returning to work at University Hospital.

The alleged misconduct did not affect the woman’s medical condition.

The investigation is still pending, Brown said, adding it’s unclear what charges may be authorized by the prosecutor’s office.

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