The power outage continues to affect campus life as the
University gradually returns to normal operations.

University transportation services

All regular campus buses are operating on their normal


Central Campus libraries will be open for normal hours beginning
Saturday. North Campus libraries, including the Media Union, will
be closed until further notice.

Computing services

Internet access and e-mail services have been restored and are
running normally. Some departmental servers and networks may not be

The Michigan Union computing site will be open as soon as
possible Saturday morning, August 16. The Angell Hall site is
expected to open by the end of the day Saturday.


Most telephones are in working condition, however, intermittent
problems with telephone service have been reported.

University Health Service

The University Health Service will resume its normal hours
beginning Saturday, Aug. 16.

University Unions

The Michigan League has power and has reopened. The Michigan
Union is expected to open at 7 a.m., and Pierpont Commons at 8 a.m.
Saturday. Both will offer limited food services.

Recreation Buildings

The CCRB and NCRB will remain closed for regular maintenance.
The Intramural Sports Building is expected to return to its normal
hours beginning Saturday.

Exams and required academic work

Students unable to take exams or complete other academic work on
August 14 or 15 due to the power outage will be given the
opportunity to make up their work without penalty. Students should
contact their course instructor or academic department to arrange
make-up work.

Residence Hall Move-In

Resident advisor and student desk staffs should not move in to
their halls until receiving confirmation that the residence hall
has power and is suitable for move-in. Updated information may be
found on the University Housing website at

Students with further questions regarding University operations
should call 734-763-9595.

Last Updated: Saturday, Aug. 16, 09:00:05 EDT

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