Friday night, a University bus driver left his bus alone and running for over two hours on an off-campus site.

Between the hours of roughly midnight and 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning, a University driver was away from the bus he was scheduled to drive.

When University police arrived to check on the status of the bus shortly after 2 a.m., they found a wallet in a backpack that may have led to the revelation of the missing driver.

Shortly after finding the wallet, the missing driver appeared, and University police immediately began questioning him.

The driver promptly took responsibility for the vehicle, but University police pressed the issue and asked him what he was doing away from the bus. The driver admitted he was at his place of residence, and responded in the affirmative when University police asked if he had been “dicking around.”

University police on scene also mentioned that a missing driver had been mentioned by the driver’s dispatch (??) earlier in the night, and noted someone could have stolen the bus.

After calling the situation in and awaiting further instructions, University police mentioned to the driver that he could be arrested for fraud and would “most likely” be fired.

Just a short time later, University police handcuffed and took away the driver.

A replacement driver was brought in to drive the bus back to the station.

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