Credit the magic of the Valentine’s Day spirit, or maybe the lack of a suitable market-exploiting alternative, but it seems a true miracle that “The Wedding Date” has ever seen the inside of a multiplex. This straight-to-TV fare is romantic comedy stripped bare and constructed by a director who makes movies as her male escort hero makes love: with profit-minded indifference.

That’s not to say “Date” won’t find its fans among those who love romantic comedies. All the elements are here: single gal — good-looking, successful and neurotic — meets arrogant stud. In this case, Kat (Debra Messing, TV’s “Will & Grace”) hires hooker, Nick (Dermot Mulroney, “My Best Friend’s Wedding”) to be her date for sister Amy’s wedding. Next comes the highly contrived crisis that pulls them apart, the inspirational pep talk where she realizes he’s the love of her life and finally the madcap dash to tell him before he leaves forever.

That the film is a huge lumbering clich

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