Few combinations of bands can manage to bring both hardcore fans and metalheads into one venue, but last friday Unearth and Bleeding Through did just that. The Orange County harcore group Bleeding Through came out in a blaze of agression bringing the crowd into an all out frenetic frenzy. Frontman Brandan Schiepatti engages the crowd with a maniacal demeanor reaching into the audience for crowd interaction, letting the fans scream along. Blistering guitar rifs and gothic keyboard work give the group a black metal vibe, but manage to keep their traditional hardcore roots.

Trevor Campbell
Unearth drummer Mike Justian.

Headling the show was Boston based Unearth. Coming out to a slow intro building the hype, backlit so their silhouettes are the first thing seen by the crowd, they busted into one of the stand-out tracks on their new album, “March of the Mutes.” Kinetic energy and precision made their stage show as equally pleasing to the eyes as the ears. Not even pausing mid-song, both guitarists Buz McGrath and Ken Susi downed a beer bong, and Susi marched around on stage with a traffic cone, while still flawlessly playing his part. It’s hard not to like a band that seems to have as much fun on stage as Unearth does. Passion, fury and an unstoppable live show are what is rising this band to the top of the new wave of American metal.

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