Underneath, The Verve Pipe

Paul Wong
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Just when you think The Verve Pipe will be forever labeled a one hit wonder, they come back with eleven new tracks in Underneath. Unfortunately, even after this album, the status of The Verve Pipe remains the same.

The album gets off to an OK start with the song, “Only Words.” For a brief moment you might even get into this jam, and get excited for what is to come. As the song gets going, however, you”ll realize the problem: It is quite hard to pay attention to the lyrics when you”re anticipating the howlings of Sting”s sidecar on “Desert Rose,” Cheb Mami.

Next up on the album is the boppy, poppy, “Never Let you Down.” Once again, at first it is deceiving to the ear. You”ll start to move in your seat and maybe even get up altogether, but slowly you”ll realize that this song will soon end up on the next Freddie Prinze Jr. soundtrack. Complete buzz kill.

The song, “Underneath,” for which the album is titled, is one of the only songs that saves this album from being a perfect candidate for the dumpster. It”s a slow, ballad-like tune that brings closure to an album that should”ve closed about eleven tracks ago.

This album might be a perfectly fine favor for a seventh grade girl”s party, but as far as quality, originality and taste are concerned, it just doesn”t do it. And for the record, “The Freshman” was a really good song.

Grade: C-

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